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Through our embeddedness within your local startup community we ensure that your idea is in best hands to become reality. By being part of our startup ecosystem you not only find cofounders but you also receive support from our partners tailored to the current stage of your startup. It does not matter at which stage your idea is: Whether you have just started or you already got a product and raised money - cofoundme matches you with the right partners.

If you believe in strong teams as the main factor for success as we and our renowned references do, cofoundme is the right place to start your search for the right fit.

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Ideas are
worthless until
you get them out
of your head to
see what they
can do.

Who is behind

cofoundme is a student-run platform supported by the ETH Entrepreneur Club from Zurich. The platform was founded in the beginning of 2014 with the initial intention to connect business students from the HSG and students with a technical background from the ETH to foster entrepreneurial activities. Since then, the platform has expanded its user base rapidly and started collaborations with important partner organisations and entrepreneurship initiatives. Find out more on our about page.