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How to find the perfect Startup teammate? – A Suncrowd’s story

This is your typical story where you’ve got the perfect idea and all you need is the perfect team to execute it. Meaning a team that can adapt, innovate, fail and face upcoming challenges together. That team is a key factor that can make or break a new venture. A committed team, striving to achieve the same goal will allow you to move forward and avoid wasting time and money.

But how the hell do you build a successful team? We asked Suncrowd, a startup spreading solar energy all over Switzerland. Pascal, Jerome and Manuel created Suncrowd with the idea of helping people installing and managing solar installation for private households while facilitating private investments in solar technologies. Their two-sided start-up idea has the purpose of bringing empty roof with investors and contributing to the development of solar energy in Switzerland.

alt text Jerome, Manuel and Pascal from Suncrowd

“Suncrowd offers the opportunity for anyone to invest in solar energy with small or larger loans. We offer the know-how and the marketing material to companies and communities to promote their own solar systems afterward. Our platform is to form a community that connects empty roofs with investors.”

The three cofounders each have a specific background and set of unique skills; environmental engineering to software engineering through climatology. Yes, that made a solid know-how in their own fields and in solar energy, however, they realized one piece was missing. Business administration and finance were not part of their background and that’s exactly what they needed to push the start up to the next step. Time for the team to grow.

As stated, people in startups are a central asset that must be considered with the same importance than financial assets. The founders knew the process of looking for a new member is far from easy and extremely time-consuming. Where to look for your perfect future team member? How to assure solid skills, background and the fitting personality for your team?

In June 2017, Suncrowd registered on cofoundme in order to find that fourth member who would complete their skills. That member was chosen between 14 interesting cofoundme profiles and after 8 interviews with different applicants. Matthias represented the missing puzzle part of the team with his financial and management background. The now four-member team is currently working on the finalization of their business plan in order to launch their latest platform and business in 2018.

We definitely wish them the best of luck!

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