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New features: OAuth, filters for jobs and geolocation

Today we deployed some updates to cofoundme with the goal to make the daily usage easier.

We integrated OAuth authentication for three services: Facebook, Google and Linkedin. One can now login and especially sign up with alsmost one click.

If you already signedup with your email address don't worry you can still use the new mechanism (as long as you have used for cofoundme and the service the same email). Just sign up with the service you want to use, we then automatically match your existing account with your e.g. Facebook account based on the email address you have given us and used for Facebook.

Since not all job offerings are of interest for everyone, it is now easily possible to filter jobs based on location, skills, ...

Further, we integrated a geo API which allows us to determine the coordinates of a location you give. With these coordinates we are able to not only show jobs in an exact location you are looking for, but also in a given area around it – pretty cool.

We are constantly working on improving the platform - let us know what you are missing via the feedback form or by sending an email to