• Cofounder Position
  • Management Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Dornbirn, Austria Location
  • Needed Skills

CURRENT STATUS: We are team of two with extensive experience in e-commerce development and international business development in dental industry. We have the main partnerships in place and it is planned to launch the platform in September. Currently we are having investment discussions, therefore we are urgently looking to set the team in place.

YOUR ROLE: Your role as CTO and technical co-founder will be to take care of strategic technical/digital development of our e-commerce platform. You don't need to be developer, rather someone who understands technical part of business, has a lot of ideas and could outsource needed workforce. It would ideal if you have e-commerce experience.

The two most important factors for cofounder is 1) chemistry- so we are having fun while working hard and 2) synergy- that one plus one equals three :) We are based in Dornbirn (Austria), however we are looking for someone in Zurich, St.Gallen, Vorarlberg (Austria) area. Age 27+

Please, don't hesitate to contact me, we could have a quick chat on skype or grab a coffee together.

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About dentalQLICK

THE PROBLEM: Today, dentistry has still a very old-fashioned sales supply chain, where manufacturer would sell their goods to the local distributor, who uses their sales representatives to sell goods to dentists and dental laboratories. The dentists and dental laboratories are still purchasing goods from catalogues by filling a paper order.

SOLUTION: Our aim is to digitalize dental goods purchase process and create Amazon for dental industry. Our Dental B2B Online Platform will enable dental laboratories and dentists, only with few clicks, to purchase any possible dental product at the best price and specifically tailored to their needs.