• Internship Position
  • Marketing Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Design, Marketing, Online Advertising, social media marketing Needed Skills

Marketing Genius Internship @ cfm

cofoundme is a social movement composed of a web platform and 2 Facebook Groups, unifying 25'000+ entrepreneurs and students in their passion to form start-up teams and being entrepreneurs. cofoundme was founded in 2014 and is both a University of St. Gallen and also a ETH Entrepreneur Club spin-off.

Your role

You will develop and launch marketing campaign about cofoundme’s services and products Establish new partnerships Work closely with our CBDO Paolo, on the Brand development of a new product Develop new communications methods


You are at least in your second year of Bachelor's (or any equal degree) and bring at least 6 months of prior work experience in the field we are recruiting. You have a strong interest in designing and the ability to grasp and learn new concepts quickly. You are proactive, reliable, flexible and an absolute crack in what you're doing (and able to show us why). Ideally you are situated in Zurich or surroundings (not a must).


This is a remote position and you are free to choose your work location. As an intern you are welcome to work in our offices in Zürich and St. Gallen anytime. The workload sums up to 1-2 days (20-40%) per week, depending on the week. You start as soon as possible and will be part of cofoundme until the end of the internship period, which we estimate to be by the end of January.


This is an unpaid internship position. We are currently unable to pay our interns a fixed salary. You will however get a revenue share (% subject of discussion). Upon successful completion of your internship you will have an amazing reference of one of Switzerland's hottest start-ups, will have gotten to know tons of interesting and high-profile people and will have shaped your skill profile, enhanced with a great network and everything you need to know to start the start-up journey yourself.

If you would like to apply for this job, please email paolo@cofoundme.org with a marketing proposal for a new campaign ad we could run on our SM using our motto “matching skills with ideas”

Apply for this position

To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Johannes Kern

About cofoundme.org

cofoundme is Switzerland's largest social network for startups and the world's first online network accelerator.

cofoundme was founded in the beginning of 2014 with the intention to connect business students of HSG and students with a technical background from ETH to foster entrepreneurial activities. Since then, the platform has expanded its user base rapidly and started collaborations with important partner organisations and entrepreneurial initiatives.

We are the right host for your ideas – Ask our partner network and references!

Your precious idea is at the right place – right here and now. cofoundme works together with a broad network of partner organisations in the field of entrepreneurship. cofoundme partnered up with a wide range of players within the startup ecosystem – from coworking spaces to startup consultancies.

And they are all here to support you!

Renowned entrepreneurs, experts and professors recommend cofoundme to you. Go to our References to find more about it.

You don’t have an idea? You have skills!

Whenever a startup decides to share its idea on cofoundme you come into play. Find open positions in the most interesting early stage startups. Become an entrepreneur by helping driven peers to bring their dream into reality. Or get matched to startups and let your dream job find you!

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