• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Baden-Baden, Germany Location
  • Needed Skills

  • you are interested in building technolgy
  • you help to refine the business strategy (focus on lean startup)
  • you should be willing to do all kind of tasks
  • take part on all important decisions
  • you take over parts of the SW development
  • there is much more, -> let's' meet

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About myFacility

The cost saving potential especially for heating costs in buildings lies typically between 5 and 20%. In most cases, the heatings systems have never been adapted to the needs of the building user. The main problems are the lack of knowledge and missing data to identify the saving potential.

myFacility offers a service including real-time monitoring and status supervision of building technology. On the technical side we optimize systems with a mix of automatic and manual interventions to reduce energy costs. On the organisational side, we are able to reduce maintenance time and costs.

myFacility addresses municipalities and SMEs.