• Part-time Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Backend Programming, Benchmarking, Database, Frontend Programming, OpenSource, SEO, Statistics, Web, website design, Wordpress Needed Skills

We are an NGO which focusses on helping business owners keeping up with the digital changes. Since one year now we grew morethandigital.info into the biggest initiative for digitization in the german speaking area. We are now looking for a technical cofounder and/or Programmer and Head of IT which helps us in developing new services and also is active in expanding our plattform.

it would be good if you understand:

Wordpress Databases (incl. creation) Frontend/Backend Development SEO Wordpress internationalization incl. subdomain strategy etc. Dashboard building and Service implementation into website it would be great if you know something about open source software services for companis like mautik etc.

We would be happy to speak with you in person so just drop us a mail to ben@morethandigital.info and get to know us.

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To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Ben Talin

About MoreThanDigital.info

We are a non-profit plattform who intends to deliver hich quality content simple explained to SMUs to help them understand the necessity and also the urgency of the digital transformation.

The goal is to provide knowledge and expertise from various fields to help SMUs on their daily decision basis and without huge costs. We are planning to expand to workshops, venues and also other online- and offline- activities to further expand our reach.