• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • 20% to 30% Equity
  • Getting Things Done, Thinking out of the Box Needed Skills

Hi -- cool you are here ✌️

Please see description of Innovationsbude first.

I am looking to build a team of three potential cofounders. I don’t care too much about your educational background. The most important thing is that you ...

  1. … are a creative thinker. In the sense that you like to tackle the challenge of “Rethinking Advertising” in a completely new, radical and potentially industry disrupting way.

  2. … don’t leave it at thinking, but you are a doer-personality and want to get things off the ground.

  3. … understand that everyone has ideas, and that validating your ideas against the outside world is the only way to know whether they can work. And that pivoting to a new idea is not a personal failure — it’s just the way how finding viable business models works. Remember the famous "10’000 failures" quote/myth by Thomas Edison.

  4. … are not an asshole. We should be looking to build a founder team and subsequently a company that is fun to work with. The often cited no-asshole-rule is the basis for that. I don’t care whether you might be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. If you are an asshole, you are out.

For our “Rethinking Advertising” challenge, any of the following skills might become handy:

  • understand that design is key to user perception and adoption
  • a fascination by how rumours spread and how virality emerges
  • a growth hacking mindset
  • someone who likes to build movements / communities and bring people together behind a common goal
  • lawyers, who like to make sure we are building something that is fair and lawful

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About Innovationsbude

Hi, I am René. And I just quit my rather comfortable job to launch Innovationsbude.

It's a prototyping factory constructed to do nothing but this: assemble a small team of people who are really good at what they do and are adventurous enough to invest 12 weeks to consider one problem, come up with a solution and validate it.

If successful, we have a business case and will be founding a startup. Otherwise we had 12 weeks full of lean innovation experience.

First moonshot: Rethinking Advertisement

Yes, ads. These things no one clicks on, looks at or recognizes anymore as we are all using ad blockers. It's inefficient. It does not work. It's a problem. And we are going to come up with a solution. In doing so, we will help companies and startups worldwide to get new customers and scale their business. How? I have a few ideas involving insanely awesome design, real people, technology and a lot of growth hacking.

It's hard. I am not sure it can be done. And I am even less sure whether it can be a meaningful business. But let's try it anyway.

12 weeks. What do you have to lose? Let’s talk!