• Cofounder Position
  • Sales Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Bangkok, Thailand Location
  • 1% to 5% Equity
  • Business Development, Chinese, Mandarin, Marketing, NEGOTIATING & PERSUADING, talking Needed Skills


Worldwide, real estate markets suffer from a lack of transparency and unwieldly processes. Brickbase was born with the mission to leverage technology to build trust in the real estate market.


We are building a blockchain-secured solutions to tackle 2 pain points in the real estate investment process: title search and escrow accounts.


We're looking for smart, dynamic and ambitious people who have the desire to work on an awesome project and who want to get first-hand experience in building a venture from the ground up.

As member of the Founding Team at Brickbase: • you have a strong entrepreneurial drive • you don't work for the money but to build something you're proud of • you're eager to work on cool projects and build cool stuff • you are result-oriented • you possess strong communication and negotiation skills • you have a high degree of motivation and self-responsibility • you are fluent in English and Mandarin • you are geographically mobile and bring international experience


Working in Business Development, you will be playing a key role in giving shape to the business strategy of Brickbase, and you will proactively contribute to all parts of the business.

When here, this will be under your scope:

• build partnerships with real estate developers and property managers across Asia and Europe • build partnerships with real estate investment funds/managers in Asia and Europe • develop marketing material for business proposals • build and nourish our Channel Partner Program • research and curate learning material on Real Estate, Investing and Alternative Investments, Blockchain, Stellar


Location: Bangkok - กรุงเทพมหานคร Retributions: THB 50,000 for the first 3-month probation and then salary increase and bonus based on your performance


Apply by responding to this post with your CV and linkedin profile.

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About Brickbase

Brickbase was born with the mission to make the real estate market more accessible, and we are tackling this objective by first building trust in the real estate investment space.

Almost any online purchase gives customers the option to pay cash on delivery. Almost any online purchase allows you to cancel the order before delivery date or to return the item if you're not happy with it. Yet, when it come to sizable expenditures such as the payments for the purchase of real estate, buyers and investors do not enjoy the same amount of options and freedom and are exposed to way more transactional risk.

To address this issue, Brickase is building a blockchain-secured platform for real estate title search and escrow service