• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Hands on experience, Software Architecture Needed Skills

We are looking for someone who is passionate to build a digital healthcare platform with us. We ourselves are passionate for user experience, especially in underserved domains (healthcare) and countries (e.g. CH).

You would be responsible for:

  • Delivering a responsive / adaptive / progressive web platform
  • Delivering or integrating a conversational UI / chatbot
  • In a year or so: mobile apps as well (t.b.d. native or based on a framework solution)
  • In a year or so: integrating AI or learnings derived thereof (t.b.d. together with our data scientist)
  • Setting up integrations with our business partners (test providers, test labs, doctors, pharmacies)
  • Creating an API-framework for integration, to be able to consistently deliver the same quality, regardless of the countries we operate in or the partners we work with
  • Security
  • A scalable cloud hosting setup
  • Making any other technical choices required to deliver our platform, with a healthy trade-off between speed of delivery, quality and budget
  • Finding the right software delivery partner, nearshore or offshore, to do the bulk of the work
  • Remaining in full control of the platform architecture
  • Ensuring that IP ownership and source code access are guaranteed at all time

In terms of remuneration, it's a tricky one. There is some budget available. However, this budget would also be needed to outsource the major part of the software development. Therefore we prefer a co-founder model, in which your time is rewarded with a fair stake in the concept. Please note that we're also very open to working with (PhD)-students. If it's necessary to craft a specific assignment together: happy to do so.

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About Health Yourself

There is a mismatch between consumer needs and current access to first line healthcare. Consumers require instant diagnosis and treatment, they use digital channels primarily and they want access to any innovation that can improve their health. Traditional institutions have limited opening hours, require talking to or even seeing a person and have difficulties keeping up-to-date with technological advancements and medical innovations.

Health Yourself offers a platform where consumers can do an intake on their medical needs, order self-tests for diagnosis, choose a best matching treatment plan, access an (online) doctor and get treatment delivered at home.

The platform will start with the domain of sexually transmitted diseases (to reach a young audience). It will keep pace with their life developments and gradually expand to all domains where verified self-tests are available.