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  • Switzerland, Switzerland Location
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I'm looking for someone, who can help me build up a company. Someone who also has experience in recycling and helping people in need.

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About Recycling Company

I want to build a recycling company to help people in areas with a lot of plastic waste. This should also be a company, where there are only local workers, so they can earn money to provide for their families. Maybe even with an additionally school, so children don't have to work anymore.

About me: Since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to help people and help change the world. And since being in India and seeing with my own eyes how much waste there is, and how people can't even provide for their own families, my wish of helping and changing the world has become even bigger. I'm 22 years old and mother to a little baby born in December 2018, I don't have an education, but this project is making my heart beat faster and I'm willing to do a lot, so that my dream can come true.

I need people who have experience with starting up companies, and who also have a heart and know how important it is to recycle to safe our dear planet too.