• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Full Stack Developer Needed Skills

I am looking for an engineer who wants to build an ICT solution for the education industry. I am happy to have an exchange for further details.

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About Education Alpha

I am looking for enthusiastic pedagogic/psychology experts and full-stack developers who also want to work to make our youth ready for the future.

New learning methodologies, customized, digital solutions, diversified learning cultures and most importantly, capabilities and skills that are required from the alpha generation in future are shifting globally towards a competency-based and personalized learning. Public schools tackle to support the average performing pupils and don’t have the resources in order to include opportunities that arise in the age of the internet for the purpose of dedicated and more individualized improvement for all pupils in our society. Despite the fact that the Swiss education system is known globally as a stable and sustainable benchmark for education quality, the digital strategy 2019-2022 report, researched by SERI and its working groups, shows that: The path towards this new knowledge society is tremendously challenging Swiss schools.

Our vision is to empower education by providing technology- and creativity backed supplemental services for pupils and young students in order to underpin motivation for learning, the formation of passion and future success for all.

Ideas for potential market solutions are available. I look forward to meeting potential teammates that share the same vision.