• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Needed Skills

I'm looking for four people, no one should be at a beginner level. One of this fantastic four should have been working with streaming-technology. That’s it. Every one (of the four people) will get 18% equity, me 28%.

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About STOD-G

What is the best never ending Game?

It's a Game, where you have to play/work with a new personality every new level. The new person(s) you are playing with is (are) the new level.

Well, there are a lot of boring "Truth-or-Dare" Apps, yes.

But combine this with the possibility to play it with millions of different people online in your neighbourhood as like on other continents. Streaming/videoconference-technology enables this.

Think about splitting the screen into two. On one half you see the asking person, on the other the answering/doing person. This switches always, one round doesn’t take longer than 1.5 minutes. It’s different from the actual streaming concepts on Instagram for example. And you can get to know people on a playful way. This is a first view of the game, there are a lot more of information in my concept.

There are about 5 possibilities to make money within this game.

I'm (BSc in business-information-systems and working as consultant for business intelligence) looking for about 4 developers (backend- frontend- full stack), that are interested into this idea and want to make this baby gonna work in real.

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