• Volunteer Position
  • Operations Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Paris, France Location
  • Needed Skills

We are looking for healthcare professional partners to give us feedback about our technology and product.

Your inputs are extremely important to help us build our products and services in the right direction.

Examples of potential candidates: -Physicians

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Medical assistants
  • Therapists
  • Practitioners
  • Professional caregivers

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About Careyou technologies

What is medical adherence?

Worldwide, 50% of chronic patients are not following their physician's prescription. Due to the severity of their conditions, this problem causes 7.5 million death per year and a 10% increase in hospitalization rate.

How are we solving it?

Medical non-adherence can be divided into two categories: intentional and non-intentional. We are addressing both issues by building a wearable medical device that records every medicament patients are taking, in real-time, using an advanced vision algorithm. Based on this data, we help doctors make better decisions based on their prescribed treatments. Our platform connects patients, physicians, pharmacists and caregivers. It improves communication and creates a trustworthy community around patients.

Why are we solving this problem?

Non-adherence is an invisible killer to patients, healthcare professionals and families. It's a very complex problem and it does not fit into anybody's specific responsibilities.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive solution and deploy technology at the service of patients!