• Freelancer Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Lausanne, Switzerland Location
  • API, Database, IT Infrastructure, Project Managment, Web Applications Needed Skills

Executive Summary

Wizards of Wisy GmbH is looking for a developer who can program a cloud based MVP from existing software components on a contract basis. After successful completion of the contract, there's a possibility to join the company and take over this mandate for an unlimited period of time as a shareholder.


Wizards of Wisy GmbH develops software that visualizes the individual learning progress of participants of any educational course program. The data collected on learners for this purpose is so accurate that it can be used to accurately predict future exam success. Institutions can thus significantly increase the chances of success of their students and programmes accordingly. Upsells can be generated from these insights plus it helps teachers and learners to set the right priorities.


The team consists of a data scientist, a UX/UI developer, an advisory board with IT strategy, consulting and VC/Startup expertise as well as myself, who writes this ad. I have reasearched and developed this idea while working for 5 years at my own Exam-Prep and Tutoring school which I founded for reasearch purposes. The school has been sold to a larger provider of courses and will be our first customer.

We are now looking for another motivated team member who brings complementary skills to our existing team, takes responsibility for developing this software-as-a-service on a contract basis and then hopefully joins our company to fill the tech lead position on a permanent basis.

Your Skills

InHouse we have a well-founded skillset regarding machine learning, infrastructure, UX/UI and IT strategy. For a functional MVP we need the complementary skills in the following areas (list not exhaustive). There's still the opportunity to outsource work batches that don't fit your technical skillset directly.


  • Webhosting: Google Cloud (CH)
  • Infrastructure: ideally VM or Docker
  • Linux: ideally Debian/Ubuntu

Back end:

  • Relational databases: MySQL/MariaDB, or PostgreSQL
  • Database design in general

Web Framework:

  • Type: Model-view-controller (MVC) or Three-tier organization
  • Technology: no specifications
  • Framework: no defaults

Front end:

  • No specifications
  • Webserver: ideally Nginx and/or Traefik

APIs, Security& Privacy:

  • Optimally RestFul API, otherwise no default


You are interested and attentive and you know how to bring a vision to life as an individual or in a team. You are able to incorporate the available knowledge of our Organization into your work. You are interested in complex contexts and are able to grasp them and reflect them in your work. Punctuality and organization characterize your work, appreciation and mutual respect are important to you. Ideally you are prepared to relocate your workplace to French-speaking Switzerland from an as yet undetermined point in time.

Your Tasks

  • Familiarisation with the subject area
  • Coordination of web application development
  • Outsourcing of work batches
  • Making the technology decision
  • Development of the database model (preliminary work available)
  • Link between backend and frontend (frontend mockup exists)
  • Setup of the APIs for the connection of the Machine-Learning Algorithm
  • Documentation
  • Testing

What we offer you

We offer you an opportunity to gain start-up experience in a responsible position within a defined framework and without the associated risk. We also give you the opportunity to steer your professional future in a completely new and self-determined direction. In case you are currently employed there is the opportunity to work part-time for the first few months of the collaboration so that you can test the ice.

The preliminary work that has been done brings wisy far beyond the status of a mere idea. The market has been tested and significant potential discovered, so there is a very high chance to create an economically successful product. The concept was researched and worked out in a live environment over several years and relevant industry knowledge is present in this company. Your work will be used by institutions from the very beginning and will create value for the users with no delay.


We expect to go live by August 2020.


This job is for independent or currently employed individuals. We don't hand this Job to an Agency.

Apply for this position

To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Yves Bouquet

About wisy

Wisy visualizes student progress by a no-hardware-needed method. It features an algorithm that predicts study outcomes.

By founding, building and running a tutoring school for over 5 years for experimental purposes I have come to the conclusion that measurability of student progress is the number one issue the industry currently faces. During this period of research I have developed and verified an easy to use method to assess student progress. It is also possible to assess the student before they are taking on the service and predict - provided enough data points are present - their outcome over the coming course. This way a clear and realistic value proposition can be formulated by the schools for their paying customers or for school teachers who work with children on an everyday basis.

With wisy

  • a tutoring school can reliably say "We will increase Barneys Grades by measure X in X amount of time."
  • For teachers it makes it obvious whether they are making progress with their class,
  • also to parents it's clear what they are spending their money on
  • and for schools it's easier to assess their performance as an institution.
  • And at last but not least, it also helps the student to visualize their progress (see John Hattie "Make learning visible").

Wisy is currently being founded and work on a prototype is currently being done. The method and the algorithm have been tested and proven to work. We have covered the business skills, expertise in the field of education, product design, machine learning skills, the UX/UI Part ist also covered. Our Advisory-Board consists of seasoned Entrepreneurs and Professionals from the IT and Business/VC/Consulting sector.

Yet we are looking to fill in two major roles. We need a Tech-Professional who creates a cloud-based MVP from the preexisting work like the algorithm, the UX/UI work and the preliminary database-design and is ready to take on the Tech-Lead Role as a Core-Teammember for further development in the future. Secondly we would like to fill in the role of an account manager or 'Chief Revenue Office', which will be looking into creating the salespipeline and working closely with our customers, to create a successful experience for them and their students.

Requirements: We don't hand either part to an agency and you should be based in Switzerland and ideally be familiar with the Swiss educational system or concerned with education or academia in any other way.