• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Bern, Switzerland Location
  • 20% to 40% Equity
  • backend developer, Frontend Design Needed Skills

UX Designer Frontend or Coder Backend with a good network in the other field who is motivated to develop together this business idea

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To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Sam Welti

About Tapinto's

We are searching for a Tech-Superhero to join our founder team and develop together a new Tinder for Talents.

The idea is to create a social matching platform for offline teaching/learning experiences.

We believe that an easy and individual access to learning skills will multiply rapidly people’s effort to expand their horizon and grow their practical knowledge.

Are you good in backend developing or frontend designing with an active network in the field? This is the right moment to put in game your entrepreneurial spirit and dig deeper into a promising market opportunity.

If you are interested to be part of this challenge or you know someone who might is, get in touch with me to discuss further details.