• Full-time Position
  • Operations Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Guatemala, Guatemala Location
  • 600 to 2k Salary
  • CAD, Energy, Engineering, impact driven, Industrial Engineering, Machine Design, Managment, Product Development, resource management, Sanitation, social innovation, WASH Needed Skills

Mosan is an award-winning social enterprise that provides an ecological sanitation solution, including attractive dry toilets and a circular system that recovers nutrients. In Guatemala 6 million people still lack access to safe sanitation. The consequences are desasterous: disease spreading, health issues, and contamination of the environment. Especially Lake Atitlán is at great risk, due to the inflow of high amounts of untreated waste waters. Mosan’s mission is to improve peoples livelihood, by providing an innovative and safe sanitation solution, offering an affordable service, promoting hygiene behaviors, and increasing education.

To grow and develop the Mosan team, we are looking for a creative character, who is excited to take this opportunity and grow with us in Guatemala:

Responsibilities • Manage treatment facilities of our sanitation service in Santa Catarina Palopó (Lake Atitlán, Guatemala) • Facilitate and train operational team • Develop machines and processes for resource recovery (pyrolysis, composting, etc.) • Facilitate machine building, testing and scaling • Quality control of treatment facilities and safety planning of processes • Analyze feasibility, cost, and fundtion of machines • Analyze market-potential of fertilizers

Qualifications • Work experience in the area of energy, water, sanitation, or hygiene • Hands-on and maker skills • Experience with engineering software • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Spanish & English) • Self-organized independent work style • Availability to work in Guatemala (Lake Atitlán: Panajachel, Santa Catarina Palopó)

Keywords: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Energy, Recycling, Circular System, SDG6, Water, Ecosan, Climate-friendly

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About Mosan - Mobile Sanitation

Globally 4.3 billion people have no access to safe sanitation. 80% of all diseases in developing countries per year are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. More than 2000 children per day die from diarrheal diseases caused by poor sanitation and unimproved water. Difficult terrain, lack of water, or environmental conditions often make it difficult to install conventional solutions.

Mosan is a comprehensive solution, consisting of a sanitation service with award-winning mobile dry-toilets, an excreta recycling process, and an awareness creation approach. Mosan is implemented in co-creation with affected people. The Mosan service enables the recycling of human excreta and therefore creates value and income sources for the local population. All Mosan products combine function, quality, aspirational design, and affordability.

Mosan’s main impact is the improvement of health, increasing life expectations and livelihood of people. The use of toilets (safe containment of pathogenic excreta) and improved hygiene behaviour as hand washing are effective barriers to prevent spreading diseases and decreasing death rates.

Snce 2018 Mosan is operating its first permanent service in Guatemala, improving the living condstions of the Mayan populaton at Lake Atitlán.