• Part-time Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Javascript, OpenSource, Ruby, SQL Needed Skills

We currently look for a full stack developer to build a working prototype of the Civil democracy platform. You will be responsible of the design and the coding of the core infrastructure on top of the Decidim open source framework (https://docs.decidim.org/develop/en/introduction/). You will lead the developments of the project from the working prototype to its final version.

We look for tech savvies that are motivated by projects having a positive social impact and that wish to make a difference with their work.

You have: • experience in the creation of mobile applications and in the realization of web projects. • hands-on experience and a good understanding of Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL.

What we offer? A stimulating and cooperative environment where you would play a leading role in creating a tool that could pave a new way to Democracy 2.0. Interested in knowing more? Contact us at info@wedecide.ch

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About Civil democracy

The Civil democracy Association promotes a more responsible and comprehensive approach to decision-making by integrating the role of citizens, political institutions and social entities. We aim to reprogram the way we take collective decisions through a new platform which can be employed from local to global scales.