• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Vienna, Austria Location
  • 1k to 20k Salary
  • 10% to 50% Equity
  • Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Vision, point clouds, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, predictive control, semantic segmentation Needed Skills

Let's get into Ycombinator's next batch, and grow into a unicorn 5 years from now! ($ 100 m revenue = 0.8 % of market)

If you're not into small-stakes BS and growing slowly, join me. This is my third startup, and I want to make this one big.

Everything is prepared for extremely fast growth with you on board:

  • R&D partnership talks with large energy provider and a fortune 100 company that recently allocated $ 1 billion to reduce emissions
  • Industry is spending large amounts of money to partially solve the problem
  • Performance verified in simulations
  • Prototype is outlined and could be built in a matter of weeks (open to improvements from your side of course)

Once you join:

  • I'll get us $ 300k in research grants from the same agency I got my first two grants from (~8 weeks)
  • Along with pre-seed funding from Silicon Valley VC's that will be matched 1:1 by the government (Covid-19 measures)
  • We'll both test the prototype with a client (access while their plants are down 16 h each Sunday), to start selling to their global offices (up to several thousand of our controllers)
  • Write white paper with first user
  • I'll work on getting partnerships running with firms that currently do maintenance and repairs on these machines
  • Hire around one or two engineers to transition from MVP to product
  • Hire someone in business development to help with partnerships and sales
  • Get into Ycombinator (instant $ 150 k), and receive $ 1-5 m investment in February 2021 (common for Ycombinator startups)

What you should bring:

  • You're highly intelligent
  • Some combination of (doesn't have to be everything): Machine learning, predictive control, embedded systems, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer vision (e.g. semantic segmentation of point clouds)
  • Languages: Proficient in English. German is a plus.
  • Extremely driven and proactive, taking responsibility, and being good at figuring out what's not important
  • Strategic mind. We'll need to bounce plenty of ideas off each other.
  • High expectations. If you're thinking of a best case scenario of only a few million in revenue, that would slow me down and alienate the type of investors I'm after.
  • Able to lead
  • You can communicate well with first users, other partners, and me.
  • Willing to travel to clients, and to San Francisco for 3 months during Ycombinator.
  • You're not a quitter. You accept that even the best startups will face setbacks that seem insurmountable. I've had this before, don't want to repeat it. Startups are hard.
  • You're trustworthy, don't crack under stress, and are enjoyable to work with. We'll spend years together. We need to see each other as someone we want to get a drink together.


  • Gender, race, orientation, favourite colour or shape: I don't care
  • Industry experience: A plus if you have it, but you can make that up in intelligence and drive
  • Current location: I'm not fixed on staying in Vienna. If you're somewhere else, let's talk anyway. I've worked remotely for a while with the CTO of my first firm before. I'd rather have someone who fits really well generally but doesn't fit regarding location than the other way around.

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To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Alexander Hayes

About Eleatec

The idea:

A self-calibrating neural net predictive control unit for a certain type of factory machinery. Simulations have shown its potential to prevent accidents with humans and cut energy use by > 70 % vs state-of-the-art controllers, which prevents factory downtime and damage to products (Will tell you more in conversations, I'm currently filing for patent :)

Why this is huge:

The controller addresses issues at the top of users problem list, and brings the performance of old machines to the level of new ones without any other hardware change. There are 4 million machines in use, 400'000 being installed each year, growing at 6-8 % annually.

How we'll make money:

Each unit will cost Eleatec < $ 1 k (off-the-shelf parts) , can easily save users $ 100 k , and when priced at $ 5 k -including installation- should sell like hot cakes considering how annoying the issues it solves are, and how much hassle switching to new machinery would be. Eleatec will sell to large distributors for $ 3 k per unit (whose life the device will make easier as well). The goal is to have 0.8 % of machinery retro-fitted in five years, which means a $ 100 million revenue for Eleatec at contribution margins upwards of 66%.

Current state (6 months since raw idea, been working alone):

  • R&D partnership talks with large energy provider and a fortune 100 company that recently allocated $ 1 billion to reduce emissions
  • 3 interviews with Ycombinator ($ 150 k investment at $ 2 m valuation). Plan to get investment in September.
  • 2 research grants
  • High profile advisory board (machine learning Prof. and founder of several highly successful metamaterial firms)
  • User pain verified
  • Simulated proof of concept
  • Patent being filed

Why work with me:


  • Co-founded and led a B2B ETH-spinoff
  • Country Manager for another startup


  • Started this company by myself less than 6 months ago (Full-time)


  • People say they enjoy working with me. Apparently I'm a nice guy.
  • Upbeat and focused.
  • I am an excellent presenter, and experienced in getting investors excited (Got three Ycombinator interviews where most don't even get one)
  • You can talk to me about detailed technical problems and ideas due to my technical background
  • I have good connections to industry and investors, and am able to handle every aspect apart from tech development (= you :)
  • I have a track record of getting meetings with CXO's of billion dollar companies, along with some experience building a new sales process and training a team.
  • If you want to build something big without wasting time, I'm your guy.
  • I'll save you lots of life-time. I'm faster than with my first startup. I follow the lean methodology: I'm already getting client buy-in to not only test a prototype, but to develop it in their factory in the first place.

Feel free to share or call anytime!

+4368110293749 a.hayes@eleatec.com www.linkedin.com/in/alexandermarkhayes/