• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland Location
  • Manufacturing Needed Skills

Hi. I am trying to bring a new concept alive in form of a product focusing on Personal Relationship Management.

The product needs to follow strict guidelines:

  • flexible PCB / thin layer circuit
  • integration of RFID antenna
  • abilities to work with luxury materials but also plastic
  • integration of circuit board inside a thin card

Language : French or German or English Certification required : none

Required skills :

  • Good mindset
  • Sense of adaptation
  • 'One-tasking'

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About Meishi

We are designing a solution based on hardware wallet connecting to a digital ledger to share IDs and other accesses to social network profiles.

The hardware (presently an electronic card) in that case is described as solely application specific and its role serves to enhance trust through User Experience and game aspects.

The whole concept is designed to put our old business cards to the 21st century by utilizing new technologies provided now such as Near Field Communication (NFC) also Bluetooth Low Energy. It does not aim to create a social media but to serve the existing ones as a complement and to power users to manage their relations based on consent. Our idea serves to share your ID with all your social media (and permissions) at once through contactless sending. Our operating model aims to disrupt the business card market.