• Cofounder Position
  • Management Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Switzerland, Switzerland Location
  • Finance, Marketing Needed Skills

I am looking for Cofounder who is ready to make startup from the very beginning. Ides of startup AI for production planning. I need Cofounder with knowledges in finance, marketing.

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About AI for production planning

The main idea - develop AI program (I already have an algorithm]], which helps apparel production sites to find the best (the shortest) way to produce the product.

One of the main problems of production is the loss of time waiting for a semi-finished product when moving from one operation to another. And one of the main tasks is to create a uniform path for the movement of the semi-finished product from one operation to another. For the production of apparel, this is especially true, since in the modern world, model change is very fast, often several products are produced in one thread at once. This leads to the fact that tech specialists simply do not have time to create optimal paths for the movement of the semi-finished product, therefore, time losses increase. If one of the employees falls ill or goes on vacation, production may stop for a while to reconfigure the process. I want to create a software product that will solve the problem of the optimal movement of a semi-finished product from one operation to another.