• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Artificial Intelligence, bigdata, Data Analysis, Machine leanring, Python, Quantitative Finance Needed Skills

With focus on technology and product together, we offer you the opportunity to join Vestun in a accelerated seed phase and be part of the management team.

Role description:

  • Furhter development and realization of the company's technology and product strategy based on customer feedback in close coordination with the management team.

  • Set up and maintenance of production pipelines for machine learning/deep learning applications, overarching development management of all product teams and purely technical topics such as data management, DevOps and infrastructure as well as hands-on development of the company’s financial software together with the technology team.

  • Hiring of technology teams including software development (front- and backend) and data modeling teams.

  • Application of agile working methods and assurance of product quality and definition of technical standards.


  • University degree in computer science or corresponding qualifications based on many years of professional experience in product development

  • Several years of experience in developing complex technology products and services, ideally with focus on analytics and data analysis.

  • Expertise in Python and ideally familiarity with C (A strong understanding of data engineering/science languages and practices (e.g. keras, tensorflow, scikit-learn, numpy, pandas).

  • Experience in planning, building and controlling international product teams in a dynamic working environment

  • Pioneer for digital trends such as artificial intelligence and enthusiasm for financial topics

  • Knowledge of and experience with agile development methods and tools such as Scrum, Jira or Jenkins

  • Analytical and systematic mindset

  • Ideally, an affinity to Fintech


  • FinTech Start-Up, financed by industry leading investors and partners

  • Autonomous hiring of a long-term team that allows for early-on shaping of the company’s culture

  • Diverse activities and autonomous implementation of own ideas in a dynamic environment

  • Sparring and support from top-class industry and technology experts from the investor and partner network

  • A collaborative and creative work environment, with the possibility to adopt responsibility quickly

Learn more about Vestun: https://www.vestun.com

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About Vestun Ltd.

Financial market behavior has taken on renewed vigor in recent years. high-frequency trading firms has been underperforming as speed is capped by the speed of light, machine learning is challenged with overfitting and the intrinsic characteristic of the financial market makes sequence prediction inefficient. In addition, finance is one of the only fields which is not collaborative. In fact, analysts or quants have no incentive in collaborating. Or, at least not until we create one.

Vestun is a Fintech company employing quantitative and AI technologies to exploit market behavior and inefficiencies. As opposed to traditional quantitative investment firmes, Vestun combines financial data with alternative data sets to develop self-learning and adaptative models prevented from rigid rules and overfitting.