• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • 3k to 6k Salary
  • 5% to 10% Equity
  • ExpressJS, MongoDB, node.js, React.js, REST Needed Skills

As our Chief Technology you will be responsible for building the SB tech stack. This includes our SB portal where our clients login and observe their investments, our digital client onboarding and our back-end where we securitze our natively digital assets. To be successful you are self-motivated and driven to exceed commitments. You also need to exude strong collaboration skills, including the ability to mentor team members and possess a strong passion to work in a growing, energizing environment of innovation.


  • drive a movement and the future of money
  • be part of a fast growing, tech-driven finance company
  • be part of the core team and take on leadership early on
  • learn about monetary policy, finance and digital assets
  • take ownership and help make strategic decisions


  • define and build the SB tech stack and own the development
  • hire and take responsibility of the SB tech team
  • enjoy entrepreneurial freedom
  • be part of a driven and ambitious team
  • become the best version of yourself


  • transparent and fair compensation schedule
  • flexible choice between salary and equity

What you offer:

  • support Schlossberg&Co's way of thinking about money, finance and investing
  • share similar ideas and perceptions of what the future of money will look like
  • experience building complex, large scale web applications on AWS
  • full-stack developer with project management skills
  • experience with server-side JavaScript Node.js
  • experience with cross-platform document database MongoDB
  • experience with back-end web application framework Express
  • proficient in React and mobile application development
  • proven ability to share and collaborate with peers both verbally and in writing
  • acute attention to detail and dedication to quality
  • experience with API development (REST)
  • oral and written German and English skills


  • define and build our tech stack
  • build our SB Portal where clients login and can see their asset allocation
  • lead the SB tech team in Zurich and near-shoring locations
  • make sure Schlossberg&Co has always implemented the latest technology
  • adhere to the Schlossberg&Co dress code

We at Schlossberg&Co consistently challenge the status quo at its core to identify our purpose. Most organisations ask “How” and “What” but fail to ask “Why”. For us at Schlossberg&Co the “Why” is indispensable for our success.

Every organisation on the planet knows “What” they do. These are products or services they sell. Some organisations know “How” they do it. These are the things that make them special or set them apart from their competition. Very few organisations however know “Why” they do what they do. “Why” is not about making money. That is a result. Why is a purpose, cause or belief. It is the very reason your organisation exists.

We are very much looking forward receiving your application and building with you the future of money.

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About Schlossberg&Co

Debt levels around the globe are at historical highs. Politicians monetize this debt with the printing of new money. These tendencies towards monetary socialism are slowly destroying our savings and will ultimately culminate in the practical implementation of “Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)”.

Schlossberg&Co provides education about these tendencies and protects its members’ savings from ever greater monetary socialism. We invest in assets that defend against negative interest rates, inflation and the broader monetization of debt. We are “The Money Movement (TMM)”.