• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Paris, France Location
  • adventure tourism, CFO, CoFounder, Entrepreneurial Finance, Finance, Finance Analysis, Finance and accounting, Finance Diretor, Finance Operations, Financial Analysis, Financial Background, Financial Management, Financial Modeling, Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, online travel, Seed Financing, seed round, social enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Travel, Venture Capital Needed Skills

Passion for travel and sustainability are musts!

Ideally looking for a Finance Expert/CFO who is:

  • Able to adeptly navigate the startup finance world
  • Comfortable talking to VCs, has a VC network, has experience in leading funding rounds successfully
  • Able to build and maintain reporting
  • Ready to help us achieve break-even faster
  • Frugal with finances
  • Doesn't just manage to metrics, but uses data and analytics to advise business decisions

Remote work OK for the right fit.

Equal opportunity employer! Ladies - if you're 70% sure you could do this job, please reach out!

Salary/Equity negotiable.

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About Yugen Travel


  • I am a recent HEC-Paris MBA graduate building a sustainable travel company called Yugen Earthside. It will be a platform that aggregates and surfaces multi-day trips, but only from responsible trip providers. The main revenue stream will be B2C bookings of these trips directly on the website. A percentage of revenue from these bookings would then be donated to local sustainable tourism development projects at the destination where a traveler books their trip. It is a for-profit business, but with social and environmental impact aspirations. In addition to the bookings, there would be other revenue streams (an eco-product shop to help travelers be zero waste, B2B expansion to book custom sustainable trips for schools & universities, and ad revenue once traffic increases). In parallel with the revenue streams, there will also be an information section that will help educate travelers for free; this original content will help with SEO marketing, branding, and traffic.

Problems it solves:

  • Travelers can cause a lot of harm while traveling - to the local environments, cultures, or economies - even if accidentally. They have a hard time understanding and learning about what it means to be a responsible traveler and sifting through the green-washing. It's difficult to find and book sustainable trips and have confidence that the trips are truly responsible on an environmental, cultural, and economic level. This site will make it easy for customers to learn about, find, and book sustainable trips.


  • B2C - individuals already inclined to travel more responsibly ("conscientious travelers"), likely over the age of 45 and with disposable income to plan ahead and book long international trips.
  • B2B - schools and businesses who do regular trips locally or abroad, but want to ensure their trips are sustainable for education, reputation, and CSR purposes.

Although technically in ideation stage, the business plan & lean canvas are done, a customer survey with ~350 responses has been conducted, the "coming soon" landing page is live, and I'm actively interviewing web developer teams.

Come build the future of sustainable travel with me!