• Cofounder Position
  • Sales Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Fribourg, Switzerland Location
  • 1% to 15% Equity
  • Business Growth, Market Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Sports Needed Skills

We are looking for a co-founder with a sales & marketing background to complete our team of engineers. While we were able to achieve initial market traction, we now need solid sales & marketing experience to accelerate sales and get our brand known.

The ideal candidate should be passionate about sports and have hands-on experience in sales & marketing. We are looking for an all-rounder that is able to bring Archinisis forwards on all levels related to sales & marketing: define and execute market & growth strategy, perform sales, compile user feedback, create marketing material, perform tests with athletes, contribute to our co-working space, ... You will work closely with all team members and our external sales & business coaches and are ready to challenge us and be challenged by us. Ideally, you already have a network in sports and know how the sports business, federations and teams are organized. For the next 12 months we will mostly focus on the cross-country skiing market in Scandinavia and the track & field market in Germany, France, and England. You will visit prospects and customers in these countries. English proficiency is key and you must fluently speak and write at least one other language of our target markets.

You will work 80 - 100% at our office in Fribourg, with the possibility of working 1-2 days from home. Be aware that we are still a small company with very limited financial resources. We offer participation to equity over a 3-4 years vesting program and the possibility to buy in during our upcoming funding round in September 2020.

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About Archinisis

We are a sports technology company specialized in performance measurement and analysis for elite sports. Based on a single wearble sensor, our unique motion processing software provides performance feedback that helps coaches and athletes to truly understand their performance. While in the past this was only possible to do in a few selected research centers worldwide at very high costs, our clients can do it now every day. Our solution helps to improve training efficiency and athletes confirmed that they are increasing performance faster.

Performance data is processed on our cloud server, where customers pay a monthly access & processsing fee. Our customers are national teams, olympic training centers, universities and sport gymnasiums in Europe. One year ago we launched our first product for cross-country skiing and biathlon. Six month ago we launched alpine ski racing and in June track & field (sprint, hurdles, long jump, high jump, etc.).

Having this initial market traction we want to grow fast and establish ourselves as the reference for high level performance tracking. We are looking for a co-founder with proven experience in sales and marketing and a passion for sports.