• Freelancer Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Game Design, mobile games, videogames, esports, game Needed Skills

Looking for a GAME DESIGN CONSULTANT (on demand).

In order to build out excellent, competitive gaming content, I'm looking for a Game Design Consultant (on demand). Your role will be to consult me with the content, product & commercialization strategy for Streax on demand at a hourly rate. The collaboration may turn into a part-time or full-time role in the future if both parties are fine with it.

Areas of expertise required:

  • Game design (mechanics, gameplay, balancing).
  • Content design (art, sound, game feel).
  • Deep understanding of different gaming markets & genres.
  • Deep understanding of competitive game mechanics.
  • Familiar with the market dynamics in eSports.
  • Ideally: Monetization (ads, IAPs).

If you'd like to learn more, I'm looking forward to receiving a short intro and your LinkedIn profile to:


I'm happy to get to know you.


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About Streax.gg

eSports is still dominated by complex hardcore titles with their roots on PC. Streax is a mobile eSports platform for anyone.

For Players:

Play mobile eSports games for free and win real cash & prizes. 100% skill-based. 100% mobile on your phone. Anywhere, anytime. Build fortune & fame in your favorite games. Ultimately, leverage your fan base to participate as professional mobile gamer in the most exclusive, highest-paid competitions on our global platform. Monetize your channel as tournament host.


For Brands:

Mobile eSports platform to promote your brand to digital audiences. “The younger demographic are increasingly hard to reach via television and other traditional advertising channels” (Nick Nocton to Financial Times). Streax helps brands of any size to reach new target audiences and engage them with their own eSports competitions. Anywhere, anytime. 100% mobile.