• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • No Remote Working
  • Zurich, Switzerland Location
  • Key Account Management, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management Needed Skills

At EggField you will be part of the founding team - a dynamic group of people that is highly motivated to create impact. We are a team of 2 founders and well connected to industry and research. We are looking for a third founder to complement our team, ideally with experience in food processing industry, ingredient manufacturing / distribution, baking industry, sustainability etc.

  • You want to have an impact and make a difference that is not only measured in cash
  • You are interested in our environment, our food systems, production and in alternative proteins
  • You want to work entrepreneurial, are a teamplayer and add positive energy to the team
  • You thrive in an active and highly dynamic environment and when the going gets tough you get going

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To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message Silvan Leibacher

About EggField, like eggs but grown on a field

We are EggField - an alternative protein and foodtech startup revolutionizing the baking industry. We help our clients to transit from animal based ingredients to better plantbased solutions and develop our own egg substitute. We thereby contribute to reduce the environmental food print of products and reduce the usage of cheap egg products, which is problematic in terms of animal welfare.