• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Europe, Location
  • Agile Development, Django, Machine leanring, Python, Software Development Needed Skills

Lyyna is an early-stage FinTech startup (taking part in the current batch of the prestigious F10 FinTech incubator program in Zurich), with an innovative value proposition and global ambitions. Lynna enables financial institutions to offer their customer the right value-added service at the right time.

To do that, Lyyna leverages AI and big data technology. An MVP has been built already using Python (Django Framework) and runs on Azure.

Lyyna is incorporated in Switzerland and addresses a global market. In the first stage, we are focusing on the European market (D, FR, IT, ES, UK,…). We are looking to establish primary operations in Eastern- or Southern-Europe, as the EU will be our main market. Corporate language is English.

Currently, we are looking for a technical co-founder located in Europe, who helps to shape and grow the company.

You will lead the following tasks:

  • Ensure the development of the platform, according to the business needs.
  • Build and lead a team of engineers and testers. The team will be located in Eastern- or Southern-Europe.
  • Establish the IT processes and manage the IT budget.
  • Define the IT architecture of the platform and the technologies to be used.
  • Define a Data strategy and ensure the integration with 3rd party data providers.
  • Manage the relationship and negotiate with the technology partners and vendors.
  • Lead the customers’ customisation and integration projects.
  • Ensure the stable performant and secure operation of the platform.

We expect you to strengthen the team with

  • Experience with web-based software development (focus backend)
  • Experience with Python / Django framework
  • Experience with web crawling & scraping
  • Experience the AI (using Python) s
  • Experience on developing on Azure or AWS ##### Process
  • Structured software development in a team
  • Experience in SW development projects ##### Leadership
  • Experience in leading a small team of developers

We are looking for a motivated person ready to join a promising startup. If you are passionate about technology but see IT as a means to achieve business value, believe in values of simplicity, standardization and process-oriented work, we want to get to know you!

As a Lyyna Co-founder, you will get significant equity And be able to shape actively the future of company.

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About Lyyna

Digital payment is growing, and banks are doing a tremendous job in providing their customers with the ability to pay digitally in a convenient, secure and efficient manner. We, at Lyyna, believe that banks can create additional value by:

  • Understanding the customer context (why did she/he makes the payment?)
  • Offering the customers the relevant value-added service(s), tailored to her/his individual needs

It will make digital banking more personal, increase the loyalty of the customers and open new revenue streams for the banks.

For the MVP we are focussing on providing single item insurance based on the payment data. This short video (90 sec) explains well Lyyna's value proposition: youtu.be/0JQn_D47K1E