• Internship Position
  • Marketing Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands Location
  • Advertising / Marketing, Advertisment, Business case modelling, COMMERCIAL AWARENESS, Disruptive Technology, E-Commerce, Enhance Subscribers / Users, FoodTech, Health and Wellness, lean startup, researching skills, Sales funnels Needed Skills

We are looking for proactive interns to help us mainly with :

Liaison with corporate/foundations - who address the same concerns and/or food industry challenges Creating content for social networks and the website Writing and contact with the press and media Doing market research in the area of healthy snacks Searching for partnerships for the wellness industry

The internship will be more relevant to a person who wants to learn about Food-Tech STARTUPs in Switzerland and wants to apply their knowledge on:

Webmarketing PR and Communication Event Creation Food-Tech entrepreneurship

Getting Started: As soon as possible Duration: Minimum 3 months Working mode: Work from home possible. Task oriented. Salary : We are sorry it’s an unpaid internship BUT we will reward you a Certificate Of Achievements issued at the end of your mandate. Do you want to make this world a better place?

Send your CV and cover letter to hr@kokojoo.ch

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To apply for this position contact the creator of the job: Message elena suciu


Organization: KOKOJOO Kokojoo has received four awards during 2019/20 as an innovative Swiss food-tech startup dedicated to bringing Healthy, Natural, Great Tasting food to market made of cocoa fruit, 100 % natural bean shells. Targeted towards healthy snack seekers, including people with diet related health concerns such as diabetes. Brand mission is to educate, inspire and promote confidence in snack foods made of cocoa bean shells, by launching a range of truly healthy and great tasting snacks to the world’s markets.