• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Switzerland, Switzerland Location
  • App development, Augmented Reality, Backend Server, C++, Game Design, Java, Swift Needed Skills

We have developed a technology for highly accurate and rapid mobile-to-mobile localization and identification, namely the Vizar Engine. In the next phase, our goal is to implement and to launch an FPS game in augmented reality that uses the Vizar Engine. We are looking to complete the team with a person with experience in gaming app development (preferably real-time) in Swift and/or Java. Experience in Unity, C++ and/or JNI is a plus. Experience of backend server development for real-time applications would be highly appreciated.

We would prefer to find a person who shares our enthusiasm for the vision of the project and who would consider joining the team as a long-term commitment. Equity sharing to be discussed.


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About Vizar Technologies

The idea of the Vizar Device Detection Engine was triggered by the vision of a first-person shooter augmented reality (AR) game in which two smart phone users compete against each other. This vision seemed simple, and yet there was no straightforward way to use a smart phone’s camera view to identify and to localize another player. Therefore Vizar Technologies’ mission is to introduce a simple method to software developers that enable them to include multiple players in an AR experience. For this purpose, the Vizar team has developed a unique method, combining simplicity, accuracy and speed, making our technology ideal for AR applications.

In the next phase, we will enable the creation of AR games which enable you to play directly with your friends and to share the fun with them.