• Cofounder Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Switzerland, Switzerland Location
  • Frontend Programming, pyhon, Unity, unreal engine Needed Skills

About us The gaming industry possesses an ever-growing share of the entertainment industry. Entertainment means attention and attention is the currency of advertisement. The gaming industry is the next big avenue for companies to connect to customers that are leaving traditional media. Our goal is to fill this gap by providing a platform solution that connects brands and game developers in a streamlined manner. If you are interested in gaming and how the future of gaming advertisement looks like, then this is the right position for you.

Responsibilities and Duties • Develop Plugins for Game Engines that allow the extraction of relevant KPIs • Be creative and develop new KPIs with the Core Team and shape the future of Algoz Interactive • You are responsible for setting technical requirements with game developers around the world • Maintain a consumer-focused outlook and aid in the delivering of IT projects to market • Assist in integrating your Plugin into a platform solution that connects Brands and Game developers in a streamlined manner Qualifications • Experience programming in Unity and/or Unreal Engine • Fluent in English both written and oral. German and any other language is big plus • Knowledge of the gaming and marketing industry • Knowledge in computer Science, engineering or a related field; Bachelor/Master in Computer Science or other relevant graduate degree is a plus Strong communication and organizational abilities

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About Algoz Interactive

Games are getting popular these days and Fortnite, for example, was a big part of it. Worldwide you see lots of people playing games passionately. This entertainment market is a rapidly growing market. In the past few years, it is has been hosting constantly bigger events for example e-sport tournaments with large cash pools. TV consummation is getting smaller by the year. Firms have to find new ways of marketing. This is the point where we want to bring in our idea which is well known in films and series. That is PRODUCT PLACEMENT! Why not enable product placement in games? This has big potential for the future of marketing in the entertainment field.
So we want to develop a platform which brings together gamers, developers/publishers and brands/firms.

Looking for Cofounder who are Programmers and share the same vision of bringing brands into games the non-intrusive way!