• Full-time Position
  • IT Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Switzerland, Switzerland Location
  • 50k to 70k Salary
  • Backend, Cloud Hosting, Dev Ops, GatsbyJS, github, graphQL, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Product Ower, ReactJS, UX and UI, Web Development Needed Skills

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We're looking for a seasoned engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit to lead our IT team and coordinate new development features. This position is suitable for an experienced engineering manager or an extremely talented and experienced team lead who wants to grow into an engineering management role in the long term.

  • This is one of our key hires: You will have significant impact on all aspects of the company, and be responsible for all things IT and DevOps related, reporting directly to the founders.
  • Understand user feedbacks and business goals to identify new strategic features in collaboration with our Lead UX Designer.
  • Coordinate with our UX/UI designers and our software engineers to lead to completion the entire front-back-end lifecycle, from conceptual design, development, testing to release.
  • Develop core back-end elements of our platform and manage server side technologies.

Day-to-day responsibilities :

  • You will have to understand business goals and lead the implementation of important, high-impact technical decisions.
  • You will be responsible for architectural and structural decisions, writing of specifications, design of APIs, etc.
  • You will lead the implementation of back-end / DevOps tasks.
  • Run regular meetings with the team, assign tasks and manage deliverables.
  • You will ensure that the technical team is sufficiently trained and will hire new members of the team in the future.

Interact with other parts of the business and our CEO in order to:

  • Discover new product opportunities
  • Target the roadmap
  • Build long term roadmap for the product(s)

During the first 3 months, you would work very closely with Arman (our CEO) and Camille (our Product Owner) to train for this role and establish processes. You will meet and get acquainted with our external UX/UI team and full-stack developer Piotr to ensure a smooth transition to leading the team entirely by yourself.


  • Academic background in Computer Science.
  • Thorough understanding of computer systems at a broad level.
  • Prior experience building web products.
  • An adaptable, can-do spirit.
  • Resourceful and self-starter.
  • Empathy, people skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to take and give constructive feedback.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Interest in sustainability and foodtech.

Our Current Tech-stack :

  • ReactJS
  • Node Js
  • PostgreSQL / GraphQL
  • DevOps Cloud Hosting


  • Stock option: Up to 1.0% based on experience. You need skin in the game!
  • Salary range: USD $50K - USD $70K
  • Flexible hours: In a results oriented environments.
  • Work remotely: Preferably within a two-hour time difference from Switzerland.

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