• Cofounder Position
  • Operations Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Ruggell, Liechtenstein Location
  • Finance Analysis, Finance and accounting, Finance Operations, Strategic finance Needed Skills

You need the knowlegde about the Swiss and Liechtenstein Finance system, business finances, Accounting, etc. And you need to understand the swiss fish market and their import/export ways.

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About Project: Fishmaker

With the project i would like to do our part to preserve the oceans and their animals, because the ocean is the largest habitat (70% of the earth) that we have on this planet. We all have the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly, so let's get down to it!

Antibiotics We completely refrain from using antibiotics and other medications. Why? Our water is clean, cleaned several times an hour and the fish feel good in the pool. The stress-free rearing and sufficient space in the water also ensure the health of the fish.

Industry The aquaculture industry has gotten a bad reputation in recent years due to pollution and poorly running facilities. That was also the incentive for Patrik Dentsch, the founder and project manager, in 2019 to do something about this problem. With Seawater Cubes, the right partner for healthy, sustainable sea fish farming was quickly found. 7 years of research and development at the HTW Saar under the direction of Prof. Dr. Uwe Waller (40 years of experience) speak for themselves.

transport Long transport routes from the sea to us consumers are mostly undertaken with refrigerated trucks on the streets. The high CO2 emissions have a negative effect on the climate and the quality also suffers. It is often the case that the fish is frozen for transport and then thawed again in the shop or at the final supplier. Every freeze and thawing process damages the fish and its quality, something that many consumers are not aware of. Our regional production can serve customers within a 50km radius, so we save CO2 and ensure less truck traffic on the roads.

Microplastics Thanks to the patented filter system in the circulation system, we can clean the fresh water from harmful particles. This means that our fish do not come into contact with microplastics in the first place.

Pollution & Overfishing By shifting fishing and production from the sea into the interior of the continent or in landlocked states, we can counteract overfishing and pollution of the seas