• Cofounder Position
  • Marketing Department
  • Yes Remote Working
  • Asia, Location
  • 10% to 40% Equity
  • Needed Skills

At Santronix, we equally believe in building such partner network for enhancing our services base and client reach. Our partner/ associates network is organized in three different manners as follows

1) Referral Partner Ideal approach to start with wherein you just refer your clients to us and we serve no service involvements and after sales concerns to you

2) Sales Partner Ideally suitable for entrepreneurs with software field background and process know-how – involvement from lead generation to implementation and servicing

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About Courier/Parcel ERP Software

Team Santronix is glad to pioneer this industry with such unique solution that offers complete control of the system and scalability to scope up the application users based on web hosting infrastructure and desired number of users

Courier delivery services industry has broadly evolved post online sales arena. This industry not only caters to smaller consumers but also serves medium to large corporates as well as and has complex modes of receiving parcels, dispatching to short and long routes and again by road/ bus/ railway/ air and through pickup/ home delivery associates. Many courier services have royalty/ sharing basis contracts with various public commuting service providers to utilize their vehicle’s space to deliver such parcels.

This application software offers 1) Franchise based/ owned office mode branch creation 2) Along with credit limits, 3) Shipping facilities to be allowed 4) Parcel receiving facilities as well 5) Courier service module is available in Cash/ To Pay/ To be billed payment modes 6) caters to various types of customers including smaller parcels/ daily bulk sending items/ perishable items 7) and monthly basis sending systems.

Senior experienced resources available for detailed communication, explanation, queries resolution and customization related discussion (if any, required) on professional basis : https://santronix.com/enquiry/