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Co-founder / CTO at wantex

  • Department: IT
  • Location: Winterthur
  • Size: 1
  • Markets: Automotive, Manufacture, PHARMA

Sales and Business Development at Olive Oil for Swiss Foodies

  • Department: Marketing
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Size: 1
  • Markets: agro-business, Food and agriculture, Food industry, ...

Co-founder and CEO at StokenX

  • Department: Management
  • Location: Switzerland
  • Size: 4-7
  • Markets: Blockchain, Digital Finance, Financial Technology, ...

CTO at Paradvisor

  • Department: IT
  • Location: Zürich
  • Size: 1
  • Markets: Wealth Management

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer (parttime) at My Vibe

  • Department: Sales
  • Location: St. Gallen
  • Size: 2-3
  • Markets: B2C, Health Tech

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