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comfortable synchronization – without clouds

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GeneralSync uses local networks to keep calendars and address books in sync – without any dedicated servers or internet connection. Data is only stored on the devices of the customers themselves, providing them with a level of privacy and security cloud services cannot provide. As it requires no servers or additional infrastructure, setup and daily use don't introduce additional maintenance costs.

In addition, GeneralSync permits the parallel use of multiple office applications side-by-side. This enables, for example, the use of smartphone and tablets together with mature office suites – without loosing data not supported by "simple" apps.

Primary customers are small to medium businesses that don't operate own servers for synchronization purposes. In contrast to cloud services, GeneralSync features a higher level of data security and independence of the provider at a lower monthly cost. In contrast to other local synchronization options, no additional hardware is required and cross-application usage is possible.

GeneralSync is already in open beta, featuring support for Android and Mozilla Thunderbird on all common PC operating systems. Support for Microsoft Outlook is in development. If you want to see it in action, you can either watch the video tutorial or participate in the beta.


Dirk Steinmetz