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KALLCIUM, Clothing brand

Originla, different and Design

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  • 2008 Founding Year
  • toulouse Location
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  • Fashion Markets

Kallcium, a ready-to-wear brand created in 2012 around strong values ??such as generosity, spirituality and perseverance that are representative of a positive state of mind and turned towards a better future. These are also some of these values ??that characterize its founder Serge MEL Meless, a native of the city of TOULOUSE. Holder of a BEP, BAC accountancy and a DEUG AES management. Passionate about sports in general, he regularly practices indoor football and a little bodybuilding to always keep this mentality persevering. It's been more than 10 years since he really devoted himself to the creation and development of this brand. He attended STYLISTE DE MODE training with a state-affiliated organization "LINES AND TRAINING".

These values ??will be the thread of his creations with two particularities: Indeed, to stand out from the competition, and in order to decline this brand, several reasons represent this one: The spades, hearts, diamonds and clover each represent a strong value.

These motifs will be worked in the form of transparent decoration for both men and women (see photo) and in the form of necklines. The Kallcium brand will gather all its values ??and is synonymous with vitality