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Sureway Survey

Automated analysis and interpretation of surveys

  • 1 Team Size
  • Switzerland, Oberwil Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • Online Surveys, USD 20 bn in 2017 Markets

Problem - Marketing research (surveys) is expensive, often slow, and many buyers aren’t happy with the quality of work produced by specialized agencies.

Solution - We will automate the analysis and interpretation of surveys, so to have a substantial impact on the time, quality, and cost involved to conduct surveys.

What is needed -

  • A large part of the software code necessary to handle this project has already been written and should be ported to the programming language we’ll use for this project.
  • The algorithm required to treat the text in an unsupervised manner should be written.
  • The online portal has to be created.

Team - My name is Mirio de Rosa. I understand marketing research, strategic marketing, business data analysis, statistics, artificial intelligence, software programming, and I am looking for one Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to join the team:

  • One expert coder of algorithms able to mine insights from words and numbers (fields of expertise: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and the like).

If that's you, link with me on LinkedIn ( and let's discuss your role in this project.