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We are the fast-track to a happy skin for people with chronic skin conditions

  • 11-20 Team Size
  • 2018 Founding Year
  • Zurich/Bern Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
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  • Digital Health, Health, Health care, Skincare, Atopic dermatitis, Digital Therapeutic, Happy Skin Markets

Nala is providing an AI-based "Digital Therapeutic" for people with chronic skin conditions, i.e. the "fast-track to a happy skin".

We are starting with atopic dermatitis (AD) since our Co-Founder & CEO had it himself when he was younger. That’s why we understand the problems and patient (and family) journey pretty well.

Today, many people (200 million world-wide and around 15-30% of all newborns in DACH) have AD. The problem is, that once I got diagnosed, a very costly (10.000's of CHF/EUR) and long (usually multi-year-long) journey of expert-hopping starts to find out the therapy that works for the individual patient. The reason for that is, that although AD is a multi-factorial disease, a one-size-fits-all approach is applied to each patient -- without taking into consideration their individual situation / data.

We are changing that by applying artificial intelligence / machine learning / deep learning strategies to be able to cut the multi-year-long to a multi-week journey. We do this by recommending therapies based on "statistical twins" (similar to the Netflix recommendation engine).

So, in a first step, we will build the biggest digital AD community in Europe. We'll then monetize via Pharma / Insurance companies, clinics and CROs (=Clinical Research Organizations).

You can find out more about us on

If you're interested to join us, please see job openings at and drop us a line at

Looking forward to hearing from you! Your AI-based Digital Therapeutic. Your fast-track to a happy skin.


Jeremy Henrichs