Venture Capital Platform for Seed-Stage Financing

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Everyone is confronted with some kind of issue/ problem during his daily routine. Sometimes those issues are not going to leave your head and you are looking for some kind of solution which ends up in an idea for a startup.

But what happens now? Most people have no clue what to do next. Which is why they leave the idea behind and start over their daily routine. 

But “AdVenture-Capital” is here to help people to go on the “adventure” of creating their own startup.

The Solution: Therefore my overall idea would be a venture capital platform for seed-stage financing kind of like tinder but for startup ideas. My platform is called “AdVenture-Capital”.

How does it work?

The Inventor and Creator have to fill in all the information about their startup ideas based on the main criteria needed for investors to proceed an evaluation.

At this point, investors get the chance to look at the main information or ideas of a startup and if they swipe right the startup gets the information that someone is interested in his or her idea.

After their interest, the inventors have to work further on their idea so that the investor can consider more information for the evaluation/ decision of investment. 

The Issue:

Investors are confronted with a deal flow that is overflowed with mostly bad ideas/ investment options. There is always a lack of information between startups and investors that prevents all kind of investments in the seed-stage financing.

Why us?

To put it in a nutshell, we live in a world with an overflow of information. Therefore we need to select and evaluate what is worth spending our time with. We need to create an agile work environment with a feedback culture so that we can keep on working on solving real issues and create startups that are actually needed and have a real impact on our world.

With „AdVenture-Capital“ we want to create a platform that is having an impact on how investors such as institutional investors as well as business angels work. We want to impact the seed-stage financing and create more sustainability through a feedback-related work environment between startups and investors. We want to fill in the gap of missing information that is hindering real progress.

How do we want to monetize our platform:

First of all, we want a pre-fixed share of the successfully mediated startup ideas between the startups and investors.

Furthermore, we could eventually set up a fee for investors using our application, however, therefore we would need some kind of reputation and relevance in the market.


Julius Weitzel