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Eidolon's basic idea is to be an advertising-focused App that rewards users for viewing ads.

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Eidolon's basic idea is to be an advertising-focused App that rewards users for viewing ads and, therefore, eliminates the middleman. Overall view The digital advertising market is enormous and moves millions of dollars every day. There are platforms to place ads in almost every corner of the internet. Some platforms are well known and others not so much. We can recognize advertising platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. Platforms like those we’ve mentioned are mostly centralized and work entirely for profits. Centralized advertising platforms are doing bad practices. Traditional centralized ad platforms forced the public with a distorted idea that an ad is a random thing to appear. Old ad platforms also believe that the public should not receive nothing in return when they watch ads. What if an ad shouldn’t be something random but instead a controlled factor? Can people be able to receive something in return for the time they waste watching those “controlled” ads? Eidolon is the first decentralized platform to address the problems stated above. Eidolon is the platform which pays you to see an advertisement that you are willing to watch. 1.1-Eidolon overall view Eidolon an application created with the intent of giving advertisers and their viewers a vast world of opportunities. Eidolon is designed with the concept that ad viewers should win something in return for their commitment to the ad promoter. With our platform, viewers ,can get a reward in the form of Eidolon assets , every time they watch an advertisement. The Eidolon platform has a broad ecosystem where everyone that has a registered account can both interact or advertise. Eidolon provides advertises with a much higher success rate than other traditional platforms. Our appP can surpass any other advertising companies because it has the potential to keep the ads controlled intelligently. Advertisements and publicity will not appear randomly to users. Special sound effects will be added to help viewers pay full attention to the ads and at the same time to keep them engaged. Every time users hear the sound effects, they will get the feeling of true earning, making them to watch even more ads. Thanks, innovative technology, Eidolon works in an entirely transparent way. Other companies like Instagram and Facebook have lots of problems regarding bots and auto clickers. Automatic systems like bots can destroy the ad ?s capability to achieve potential engagement. Our platform functions with a different concept because we reject the traditional way of advertising. .

1.2-The advertising world Almost every single company on this planet had tried to advertise on the internet, at least one time in their existence. Digital ads are a significant source of income for big enterprises like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Billions of ads are seen and created in these big platforms every second. The digital advertising market is huge and keep growing. Facebook and Google share duopoly squeezes their advertisers as much as they can, digging deeper and deeper to get more websites to show ads. Many of those ads are shown randomly to people that don’t even pay attention to them. Random ads take all the potential from a advertising campaign, resulting in the loss of funds. A random ad is both annoying and a waste of funds. A scenario about how random ads hurt the viewer and the advertiser is described below: When a person pays to advertise, he has the intention of wining something return. Usually advertisers want clicks for their websites and business pages in order to convert viewers into paying customers. Imagine the advertiser X has a budget of 100 euros for a specific ad. According to the platform he chooses, that budget will translate into 10 000 views. After all the payment procedures, the ad will start appearing to people randomly. Hours later the ad will be viewed by lots of people. The problem is that many aren’t even interested about the specific ad. In the internet, 10 000 views are easy to acquire, but every user has its personal tastes. The advertiser X doesn’t have any accurate system on which he can rely. Without any automatic function targeting the viewer, the ad will be shown to lots and lots of internet users. This process turns out to be a waste of money for the advertiser X. The 100 euros from the advertiser X will literally disappear without bringing anything in return. The failed ad was booth harmful for the viewers, that were forced to see it and for the that advertiser that payed for an unsuccessful campaign. Advertising on the internet is an excellent way for someone to bring its product to the public. Ever since huge platforms like Facebook reached

2 billion users, many businesses opted to create ads online. Digital ads are probably the most efficient way to do a successful marketing campaign without restrictions such as lack of public. The internet is connecting almost 80% of the world's population which keeps expanding every day. Enormous platforms like Facebook conquered the market. In Facebook advertisers can choose many options like the amount of money they want to spend and the location of the target public. Facebook also gives you the information about the number of people your ad is going to achieve, but it’s a mere estimate. In these traditional platforms, projections are highly inaccurate, harming the advertiser’s wallet. 1.3-The problem with the advertising market Advertisers pay to publish ads and they an expected number of views. People are still having problems with this system such as wrong statistics and lack of real public. The advertiser has the need to grow its business but he faces a terrible obstacle. One of the biggest barriers that ad platforms have is auto clickers and click bots. Thousands of click bots are used to confuse and destroy the advertiser's investment with the purpose for them to waste even more money to advertise. Auto clickers and other instruments are creating a bad environment for ads that should have reached thousands of real users, but instead, they only reach a hundred. A Click bot is an automated script or computer program that imitates a legitimate user of a web browser. Click bots are used for clicking multiple times on ads. Click fraud is the subject of some controversy. These bots are a tool that some advertising networks use to persuade advertisers with false statistics. These automated systems benefit the big platforms because they force the advertiser to spend more money. The example below shows the problems caused by bots in traditional advertising platforms:

To advertise on Facebook you will need a minimum of 2 dollars to create an ad that is expected to reach at least 200 people in 1 day. After you pay the provider you will notice that people will start to view the ad, but when all the process is finished you will realize that not a single person interacted with your ad. You will get probably 160 views and 1 or 2 clicks in your ad and some cases not even one click. You pay 1 dollar for one click, and that click could even be a bot or something, so it doesn't mean it will turn out to be a paying customer for your business. Another problem that occurs in the advertising market is the viewers being bombarded every day with aimless ads. When a person goes to see a movie or a video clip or check his email, he will notice the tremendous quantity of ads. The majority of these random ads do not bring any kind of value to the person watching. This unfortunate practice is making people install ad blockers for them to surf the internet in peace. Sometimes people even pay for ads to go away. According to Mozilla, more than 60% of internet users installed ad blocks in their browsers. A survey done by Business Insider shows that more than 95% of people that use internet for at least 1 hour a day think that ads are annoying. People also pointed that the most annoying ads are being displayed on Facebook and YouTube. Placing ads on the traditional platforms inefficient for advertisers and an issue for viewers. People are already tired of seeing uncontrolled ads. The problem isn’t being addressed by no one and slowly this practice is turning the ad market into an annoying business. The traditional digital advertising ecosystem is simply inefficient, adverse and untruthful. 1.4- Eidolon is the trustworthy app Every interaction that occurs in Eidolon is automated and transparenty. Transparency makes transactions clearer to users, turning Eidolon into a trustworthy platform. Advertisers and publishers connect automatically to the digital ledger reducing costs for the intermediation. Old traditional

platforms are more expensive because of intermediation fees which Eidolon app doesn’t need to function properly. Automation is eliminating the need for middleman in any kind transactions. These new technologies empower Eidolon to the point that its capable of surpassing old centralized apps. Eidolon can outperform old systems in velocity, simplicity and budgeting. Eidolon brings the authentic solution to the advertise market, connecting advertisers and publishers more efficiently. Decentralized platforms like Eidolon, are able store and process huge amounts of data without any slowdowns. The platforms ability to disperse information is the key to its velocity. Every currency inside the platform can be used for trades outside of Eidolon. .Eidolon app provides a system that allows simple and flexible transactionss for users to enjoy. Eidolon supports fiat, Eidolon assets and cryptocurrencies for payment methods. c e. d 1.5-Where does Eidolon fit in this ecosystem? Eidolon is tired of seeing the bad behavior coming from traditional advertising platforms, so it came to life contradicting every aspect of them. Eidolon seeks to solve all the problems stated above by providing a better experience for viewers and advertisers. We believe a person should be able to use a service without being interrupted against their will. A paying advertiser, should not lose their money with inefficient methods. Advertising companies are taking advantage of their clients but those clients have other options but they don't know anything about them. The immense size of the big platforms covers new advertising platforms. Now people have the option to choose between misleading platforms and sophisticated ones like Eidolon app. Eidolon seeks to show the advertising market how to advertise properly

with the regard of the client's needs and respect for their viewers. In the app Eidolon, people are able to see ads that they have true interest. Eidolon provides its users with the right to chose witch ads they want to watch. There are no random ads in the Eidolon platform. All the ads will be shown according to the users personal interests. Every time a user doesn’t like an ad he can swipe directly to another one. The Eidolon platform eliminates all kinds of bot abuse towards ads. Click bot and auto clicker aren’t able to trick the Eidolon system. In addition, the Eidolon system cannot be deceived because it uses eye tracking technology. By using eye tracking technology, our platform knows if the users are really paying attention to the ads. With our new technology, advertisers will stop wasting unnecessary amounts of funds. Eidolon is a “clean” advertising platform were click bots can ?t fraud statistics or cause any harms to its paying customers. 2-Eidolon application description The Eidolon is an advertising platform that allows viewers to earn by seeing ads that they are willing to see. Using our platform users are incentivized to watch advertisements, with the sound of a coin. Eidolon gives its users the opportunity to choose which ads to watch.. This innovative platform will delete the feeling of an ad invasion imposed by the traditional digital ads methods. Eidolon eliminates the old advertising methods. Eidolon ?s well targeted ads are much more efficient then random advertisements, because they don’t invade the viewer ?s personal space. Eidolon will have a reward system transparent for its users. Eidolon gives unlimited rewards for those who watch advertisements. Our users can watch no more than 7 hours a day ads they want. Advertisements are showed according to the user’s interests. The platform only allows ads to be viewed if the user is truly paying attention to its content. Eidolon has the solution for both the viewer and the advertiser. Our platform will ensure that users take the best advantage, by using

advanced ad control systems. With Eidolon advertisers will have a successful marketing campaign with the lowest price. Every transaction that occurs inside our platform will be charged a small fee of 5% with the purpose of the maintenance of the platform ?s functionalities. Eidolon platform ?s low fees are nothing compared to the huge taxes from traditional advertising platforms. The Eidolon platform gives the advertiser the opportunity to have a perfect and successful marketing campaign. Eidolon has a huge potential to advertisers and also costs less. All the ads created by the advertiser will be adequately targeted to a specific public via an intelligent platform. Eidolon takes note of which ads the viewers is closing or sliding, creating an internal list. The Eidolon app studies and analyses its user’s behavior in order to boost their experience. Another feature that is the most efficient for the advertiser is the fact that when a viewer installs the app, it will need the access to its front camera. Eidolon needs access to the front camera to know if the person is genuinely viewing the ad. Every piece of data collected by the Eidolon platform is safely stored in a decentralized system. The decentralized system is developed with the latest contemporary technology, so the viewer ?s privacy isn’t compromised. The front camera system is also a way to ensure that people are not playing ads automatically to access the associated profits. Our platform works with the principals of a safe, honest and equal community, so it was designed to respect both the viewing and advertising party. 2.1-List of problems As our vision is for a world where an ad is not just a coincidence but a controlled factor. We use our platform to face the bad practice of other ad companies. After years of researching and collecting facts, we found the biggest mistakes made by the traditional digital market. Old methods are insufficient and bring lots of problems to users . The competition is

huge and strong but sooner or later people will start facing the facts and will end questioning if these old ad platforms are indeed being honest with them. The list of problems we found is displayed below: -Annoying and random ad display; -High taxes with low success rate; -Advertisers with no bot or auto clicker protection; -Misleading ad statistics; -No rewards towards the viewers that are tired of watching ads; -Unfair system that looks more like a centralized business. 2.2-Eidolon solution After addressing all the problems, we started developing solutions for our platform to provide. Eidolon was created with the intent of disabling all the complications in the advertising ecosystem, which harm active and passive users. We focused all our efforts on our cause to serve viewers and advertisers without the restrictions and adversities imposed by the traditional advertising system. 2.2.1-List of solutions for the viewers The following list was made with the intention to show the public what are the problems that viewers face: -Users only see advertisements that relevant for them; -Users can control the ad display and can move to the next ad;

-Viewers get paid to watch ads continuously; -Payments in Eidolon assets go directly to the user ?s account; -Users get a percentage set by the ad promoter; -Eidolon assets can be swapped on DEX exchange on the Wavesplatform. -Users can earn Eidolon assets by promoting a product with a short video; -Every user gets a fully customizable profile. 2.2.2-List of solutions for the advertisers Eidolon developed technologies to ensure the advertisers get what they paid for. The platform has the power to both attract customers and to grow with the understanding of the two crucial sides of the deal. Eidolon is committed to giving the advertisers the best results for their marketing campaign, The following list provides the knowledge about the problems that affect advertisers: -Advertisers can create discounts to attract more customers and payments are done in Eidolon assets; -Eidolon assets allow the advertiser to buy advertising time; -Eidolon ?s high technology assures that ads will be watched; -Users are instigated to advertise to others on behalf of advertisers by wining small part of the funds; -No middle man needed so advertisers will pay directly, lowering costs of transactions;

-Advertisers only pay for the time that viewers watched their ads. 2.3-Eidolon special features To provide the best quality service we aimed to develop an authentic and modern system. We enriched our platform with unique features to turn our service into an engaging and addictive activity for users to consume. Our special features are listed below: -Earning by sharing Regular users have the chance to promote products by themselves using original music, audio, text announcements, sounds, logos and so on. They can take selfie videos like users do and share their video. The more shares the video gets, the more Eidolon assets that user earns. -Special coin sound effect Eidolon came up with an innovative feature that makes its ad viewers be attached and at the same time entirely engaged. Our platform can provide its users with sounds effects like coin noise that motivates them into seeing even more ads. The coin noise creates the felling that a person is constantly earing somethingg. The coin noise can positively attract the viewer, making ad campaigns more efficient. -Eye tracking technology In the 2018 eye tracking technology moved from being a promising technology to being adopted in commercial products in a wide array of consumer segments simultaneously. Eye tracking is a brand-new feature

that the last generation of smartphones, laptops and desktop monitors adopted, because of its advantages. Eye tracking technology is very flexible so it can be used in many different platforms. As we saw the potential of this new technology, we choose to adapt it in the Eidolon app. In order for the advertisers to know if the person is genuinely viewing the ad, Eidolon uses eye-tracking technology through the user's camera, eliminating bad practices such as playing ads automatically without a viewer.