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Enables creatives and small businesses to connect and collaborate with each other

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Luzern Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • App, Collaboration, Creative, Location based services, modelling, Photography, Social Imapct, video Markets

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We are a self-made generation. Nowadays, it's not about what kind of education or diploma you have. It is all about how passionate you are and the quality of your work. The expansion of social media enables young creatives from all around the globe to share, teach, learn, discuss and inspire each other. Following this, we could acknowledge the rise of self-made creators like photographers or filmmakers as well as start-ups and self-taught models or actors. And this is amazing.

Problem: Many of these young creators are limited within their own skills and are seeking to collaborate with others: photographers with models and make-up artists, start-ups with designers etc... However, if you don't know many people personally, it's extremely difficult to find people to collab with and it's a long and frustrating process.

Our solution: We want to help small businesses and creators to collaborate with each other in order to create outstanding work and share unforgettable experiences. We provide an online platform that enables the users to connect with each other easily, rapidly and in a targeted way. (Open for photographers, models, makeup artist, fashion stylists, hair stylist, filmmaker, actors, and small businesses). Our goal is to encourage physical collaborations that will lead to great creations and (who knows?) new friendships!


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