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We save babies before they are born

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  • 2020 Founding Year
  • Zürich Location
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Fetal surgery – operating on babies while still in their mother’s womb – is a medical breakthrough in the treatment of babies with life-threatening conditions. However, these life-saving surgeries are associated with a high rate of pre-term birth. KOVE is developing an innovative implantable medical device to make these surgeries safe, preventing the risk of preterm birth while unleashing the potential of fetal surgery.

KOVE is the result of fruitful academic research at the University Hospital of Zürich in collaboration with leading surgeons in the field of fetal surgery. The company is now in pre-clinical phase and has been awarded multiple translational grants (BioEntrepreneur Fellowship, Gebert Rüf Foundation, Bridge, Venture Kick).

The team is currently composed by:

  • Dr. Yannick Devaud, co-inventor, project leader.
  • Professor Roland Zimmermann, co-inventor, obstetric clinic director, international key opinion leader, pioneer in the field of fetal treatment.
  • Professor Nicole Ochsenbein-Kölble, co-inventor, one of the 4 Swiss surgeons performing fetal surgery in Switzerland.
  • P.D. Martin Ehrbar, director of research in the obstetric clinic.


Yannick Devaud