vegan matcha protein drink

launching a vegan matcha protein drink to fill the market gap and take a first-mover position in this trending category

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Switzerland, Zurich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • FMCG, Food Engineering, Food industry, Food retail, Health, high protein Markets

Market Opportunity

The global plant-based protein market is expected to reach USD $11bn by 2022.

The market is mainly driven by:

  • increasing awareness about the benefits of protein and vegan diets
  • the growing health & wellness trend
  • increasing consumer focus on meat alternatives
  • the rising demand from the food & beverage industry to have a diversified, unique offering

Target Consumer Profile

Millennial consumers are the largest segment opting for plant-based diets over animal-based diets in North America and Europe and many are ready to pay a premium price for healthy products that offer various functional benefits2. As such, we will focus on young consumers in the age group of 18-35 years and health and well-being enthusiasts who are an especially fast growing group among the female population (across ages).

Product Idea

Protein beverage with matcha green tea

This product is a green tea flavoured protein shake for the maintenance of good health and improved energy. Protein is required to build, repair & maintain cells and tissues and matcha green tea is a powerful antioxidant with benefits ranging from enhancing weight loss to decreasing the risk of heart disease3.

Market gap The category for protein shakes (and now even protein puddings) is booming in Switzerland, going from non-existing 4-5 years ago to covering significant shelf space as of today. However, we see that in terms of product variants there is still room for new flavors, since the current offering is focused on “mainstream” flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) with a few exceptions. In other countries, the trend that we observed in Switzerland is starting, e.g. in Germany, “Müller Milch”, traditionally a producer of milk with different flavored variants (e.g. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, etc.) is using “high protein content” as an additional on-pack value proposition for sporty and health-conscious customers.

Growing trend for matcha Matcha is growing fast as a lifestyle product both in the served-beverage category (more and more [trendy, hipster but also increasingly the mainstream] coffee shops offer “Matcha Latte”, this trend is slowly arriving in Europe) and the self-service category where people order matcha products online (see the canvas brand example with an online subscription model) or even in large quantities in cash-and-carry stores (example on next page from US-based Costco):

Canvas online store subscription example (

Costco cash-and-carry large-quantity pack showing the arrival of the “heavy home use” trend

Target Formulation

  • Protein (mix of pea, hemp and pumpkin seed protein)
  • Water
  • Soluble vegetable fiber
  • Matcha green tea powder
  • Monk fruit extract

  • Free from dairy, gluten, soy products: categorized as vegan

  • Contains 20g fermented protein and excellent source of non-GMO prebiotic fiber
  • Shelf stable
  • Beverage with a low glycemic index: categorized as low carb

Production / Supply Chain

We plan to work with reputable contract manufacturers in North America and Europe to produce the product. We are open to discussing this process with our potential partners before moving forward.


Sophie Chabloz, MSc, scientific / formulation lead Master of Food Science (ETH Zurich), certified Yoga & Pilates coach, long-standing experience in food trends scouting and health-related research, Innovation Manager at Coca-Cola.

Aladar Tepelea, business development lead Former manager at BlackRock and Novartis (where he realized the importance of prevention vs. cure), advisor and business developer to several startups and mid-sized companies

Next steps If exploring this product category with us sounds compelling to your organization or someone in your network be it as an investor, partner or advisor, we would be happy to hear from you via this platform or directly via LinkedIn.

We are currently exploring the idea with manufacturers and retail stores, as well as investors from the food and beverages industry since we would like to find the best options for market entry and options for scaling the business.


1) 2) 3) The effects of green tea on weight loss and weight maintenance: a meta-analysis., Int J Obes, 2009 Sep;33(9):956-61.


Aladar Tepelea


Sophie Chabloz

Chief Scientific Officer