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Location Based Services for workforce and customer service management

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2017 Founding Year
  • Zurich / St. Gallen Location
  • Company, no funding Project Status
  • Website
  • Customer Service, delivery, events services, Home Service, Taxis, Transportation, workforce management Markets

BizMeet is a location based services app that in the B2C world, which allows you to see the contacts you are connected with over the app in real-time. It's a fun app for coordinating with friends and a safety app for ensuring your family members are safe. Best of all, you are always in control of your privacy.

For the B2B world we provide the ability to introduce workforce management on a light scale for SME's, where you don't have sophisticated service control centers. The app allows smaller companies to have an overview of where their service personell are located in real-time. Be that at the customer or on the way to or from a customer. It also provides the smaller company with an added level of proactive customer service. The customer can (through app or web) be notified of where their service technician for the day is located in relation to their standpoint. This allows the customer the flexibility not to be dependent on the quoted "service window". Time is money and instead of sitting at home waiting endlessly for the service technician, the customer can utilize this insight to better manage their day.


Stephan Jonsson