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Bring intelligence to FMCG products.

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  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Lille Location
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  • 5G, Food, Food retail, FoodTech, IoT, IT, smart packaging, RFID Markets

S-EAN is a smart barcode technology aiming to digitize FMCG products information in the objective to bring back the product to the center of the relations between manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Our observation is that current packaging and tracking solutions are not optimized for item tracking or communication: packaging only contains generic information about the product reference and nothing easily accessible about the item itself (transparency, traceability, detailed allergens, recall information...) and it can't be accessed without a specific action/scan per product.

S-EAN's objective is to make these information contactlessly available through a "smart barcode" to bring new services and data from the manufacturer to the final consumer.

S-EAN is aiming to improve inventory, stock management or product communication. by building a complete ecosystem bringing products to life and making them alive and communicating together and to every stakeholder in food market stack. Our goal is to connect FMCG items and make them enter in the digital world throw a platform and APIs, accessible to each food relative actor from food manufacturer to customer, retailer or services providers.

We are currently working with international brands to codesign, build an test a first product in the incoming months.