Smart wearable for drug intake detection

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  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Lausanne Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • Health Monitoring, Wearable Technologies, Machine Vision, HealthCare, medical devices Markets

The product consists of an AI algorithm embedded in a wearable device that recognizes and stores data about each medicament and drug the patient is taking. This problem is called medical adherence, in other words, if the patient is following its medical prescription or not. The root causes of this issue can be different but it is highly underestimated by medical professionals, who see it as a patient's lifestyle problem where they cannot help. It has been demonstrated that 40 to 50 % of chronic patients do not adhere to their medical prescription, increasing the rate of morbidity and death. Moreover, without proper medical adherence, there is no way the doctor can investigate different treatments or drive conclusions regarding his diagnostic. This issue is responsible for about $100 billion dollars in preventable healthcare costs and has never be addressed before. The idea has already been validated with several medical professionals in Switzerland and abroad, receiving great interest and support.