All Electric Airline

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Ticino Location
  • Idea, brainstorming Project Status
  • Aviation, Transportation Markets

Electric airplane for the first electric airline.

Electrification is ongoing in many transportation sectors, from bike, cars and now also in the airline industry. We need to reduce the CO2 emission by 50% or more by 2040 and I think investment on regional short range airplanes has a good potential in Switzerland and Europe. At the moment in few years two regional airplanes will be ready to fly and bring 10 people in the air without any emission at a reduced cost.

My project wants to solve the problem of high cost of flights, giving a personalized service to the general public in a sustainable way for regional flights (max. 1000 km). A smart company which will connect Switzerland on scheduled service between regional airports in an electrified airplane of maximum 12 people.

Customers will be people who wants to travel fast, ecological and cheaper around Switzerland.


Stefano Dias