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Sustainable Mobile Banking

  • 2-3 Team Size
  • 2019 Founding Year
  • Zurich Location
  • Idea, pre-funding Project Status
  • fintech, banking, Insurance, Mobile Payment, Investing Markets

A world class and intuitive design for sustainable mobile banking with top of state conditions for private customers. Simply withdraw money from any of our partner shops conveniently spread all around you and save time looking out for the next ATM in your area, now with Biscuit Cashout.

Community Banking with shared tags for shared apartment & co. Payments on record and common saving goals, set deadlines and reminders, simply split amounts or share monthly multimedia plan costs like Netflix. You can call for donations or start a crowdfounding for your future projects and so much more.

Existing insurance of bank customers will be compared with comparable rates on the market with the help of customer data on agreement and the saving potential will be shown to the customer. From then on our professional partner broker will be assisting.

Affiliate marketing and real time price comparison for online shopping, flight- and hotel bookings, exactly then when the customer is interested at the very end just before entering the payment method conveniently via pop up message on your phone.

Already existing bank products should also not come short. We are connecting the dots and develop smart algorithms, we show customers saving potentials and convince them of existing bank products.

Set automatic accruals for tax and uncover tax saving potentials. Print out all uploaded receipts and tax deductable documents ready to attach to your tax declaration.

Manage all your assets and keep up to date with personalised daily briefings in speech playback or newsfeeds. Ranging from stocks, cryptocurrency up to real estate in cooperation with our leading and trusted partners.

Let customers be part of more sustainable investments. We offer a suitable platform for customers to invest with more impact, more efficient and make investing accessible for everybody.

Join us with your talent and ideas.


Pascal Scalet