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Kollabo AG

Digital Ecosystem for Job Placement

  • 8-10 Team Size
  • 2018 Founding Year
  • Zurich, Albisrieden Location
  • Company, seed stage Project Status
  • Website
  • HRTech, ICT, Jobs Markets

VC funded Startup Kollabo aims to bring efficiency to job placement in Switzerland and Europe.

The highly fragmented and offline job placement market in Switzerland has a market volume of CHF 8,1 billion. Competitors such as Coople, Adia or Zenjob try to cut out the middle-man, using a fully digital platform approach without human interaction. Based on qualitative research, companies want the service-level of human agents, also proven by the low market share and limited industry focus of the platform-only companies mentioned. The goal of Kollabo is to establish a digital eco system for job placement, enabling the traditional job placement agency instead of disrupting it. In a first step, Kollabo provides job placement agencies in the construction industry with suitable workers for CHF 1.50.- per hour (roughly 25% of their margin). The Worker-as-a-Service model is a clear benefit for the agencies, being enabled to access cutting edge online recruiting techniques, only paying for hours actually worked by the candidate. For candidates, Kollabo provides convenient access to the job market, leading to faster, better paid job entries.


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